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금속검출기 (Metal Detector)

금속 검출기는 전 공정에서 자력 선별기를 사용하여 철 성분을 1 차적으로 제거하고, 제품중에 잔존해 있는 금속 성분 (철, 비철 금속) 을 자동, 수동으로 검출해내는 장비로써 제품의 품질을 한차원 더 향상 시킬수 있습니다.

Metal Detectors(Digital) – MSD/MSB Model

제품생산 과정에서 각종 철, 비철금속을 검출하는 금속검출기.
MSD Metal Detector (Digital) is a high sensitivity unit used to detect the presence of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless steel metals.


  • Easy Operation

  • High sensitivity – balanced coil technology

  • Push button selection of controls via on-board micro-controller

  • Storage of up to 20 Product settings – password protected

  • 2 Line LCD display of selected parameters

  • Self diagnostic

  • Integral circuitry for remote operation and monitoring of reject devices

  • Available in paint finish or stainless steel

  • NEMA 4X / IP 65 rated


Used for the protection of machinery and for quality control purposes where simple, easy to use metal detectors are a necessity. Typical industry applications include :

  • Foods

  • Chemicals

  • Plastic

  • Glass

  • Aggregate(MSB)

  • Mining: MSB Model

  • Recycling

  • Textile

  • Wood

  • Others

  • 1.


Controls :
Control of sensitivity, product compensation(phase) and filtering via push button selection controlled via a micro-controller. Front door reset button.

Displays :
All PCB mounted other than external status indicatorSignal monitor ~ LED bar graphProduct settings ~ 2 line LCD display

Outputs :
1 N. O 1 N. C, contact. 1 amp at 230VDetect relay with delayed output (0.5 – 60 sec) and variable duration (0.5 – 60 sec).

Frequency Range :
Variable, 25 to 300 KHz.

Voltage :
230V, 50/60HzThe electronics are normally integrally mounted, however they can be remote mounted should this be required.

Sensitivity :
Sensitivity is mainly dependent upon the aperture dimensions, in particular the aperture height, the frequency at which the detector is being run and the product signal (effect) if present.

  • 1)


The metal detector search head is normally manufactured in stainless steel and then painted. Full dimensional drawings are available on request. All units are rated for IP 65 operation.

  • 2)


These include : ~ Visual alarms
        ~ Audible alarms
        ~ Combined alarms
        ~ Mains filters

  • 3)

    Conveyor Mounted Systems

A full range of conveyors with automatic rejection devices is available for use with the MSD Metal Detectors. These are available with a paint finish or in stainless steel

Vertical Reject Models (수직방향 제거형)

Sungwon Low Profile Vertical Drop Metal Detectors are excellent for detection and removal of ferrous, nonferrous and stainless metal contaminants in gravity fedpowder or granulated products.

Each system is manufactured from 304 stainless steel and includes an Low Profile Metal Detector with a remote control that can be mounted up to 100feed (30 m) from the detection head.

Also included is an antistatic non-metallic pipe with a groundingstrap which prevents static build up, reducing false detections.